Tuesday, July 8, 2008

17 days until I become Mrs. Sara Kaye Torbett! :) Brett and I are both just so thrilled....we feel as ready and prepared as a couple can be to start life together.

Tonight we are having our very good friend Sally Dorman take engagement pictures for us. She is a bridesmaid in the wedding and a friend I've had my whole life. I am looking forward to the pictures! It should be a fun, relaxed time.

I'm also having my bridal portraits taken on Friday. I'd better make sure my smile is good to go this week....I don't think I'll have a problem though. :) I will post some of the engagement pics when I get them back, but not the bridal ones!! Sorry-wait and see! :)

I have been working at school some as well too....just trying to stay balanced between wedding, school, home, etc. This is the last week I can go to school until after the wedding/honeymoon because they will be waxing the floors and we're not allowed in during that time. So, I tried to get some more done at school today and at least get a plan because the school year is quickly approaching as well.

I honestly feel that God is gearing me up for a totally new stage of life....He has been providing me with new creativity, confidence,insight...... :) our God is a good, good God.


Becca said...

Love the classroom picture! I haven't seen that Karen Katz book before :) Really, the room looks great!

McCraine Family said...

In between hiccups, we thought we heard Caleb say "Hi Aunt Sara"...in case you happen to be asleep, unlike Seth, Jana, and Caleb!

coconuts said...

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