Monday, July 14, 2008

Good Morning!
Isn't he handsome??

11 days to go! I was talking with a friend Saturday and saying how incredibly ready we both are. Absolutely, 120% ready to become Mr. and Mrs. Brett Torbett...... soon enough!

I got to spend time with the other two handsome guys in my life this weekend.............

Mr. Caleb Mccraine
Mr. Nathan Cross-Yes, those are my wedding shoes he's chewing on. Just for a second though :).

I also got to see Kyla, my niece this weekend. She saw me when I had my wedding dress on for bridal pics and got all excited. She asked "Why do you have your marry costume on?" Becca was asking her what people do when they're married and she said "oh, just play a little". :) Such a sweet girl.
I don't know how I could be more blessed....such precious kids! I sure do enjoy them.

This week I will be.........Working on completing every item on the wedding to do lists (yes, there are multiple ones), cleaning the condo, and if there's time....working on a bit of school prep. Goodness, there's a lot to do the next two weeks!

If you get time, this is a blog I enjoy:

And lastly, a book that is highly motivating to me. It is a children's book, but that's not the motivating factor. The cool thing is, I know the author. She is a girl my age and is a third-grade teacher. We went to college together..... I am in such awe that she has her own book published! Wow. :)

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