Thursday, July 10, 2008

Newest addition-this little guy is my new nephew, Caleb! Jana and Seth are his momma/daddy. Isn't he the sweetest? This sweet girl is Kyla, Nathan's big sister. She has a lot of personality, a heart for God (she talks to him often and tells me that he talks to her as well!), and a genuine love for life! Her two favorites in life right now are eyes and cookies (that's what I hear at least!).

This is Nathan, another new addition! His momma and daddy are Sam and Becca.....if this doesn't make your heart melt-I don't know what will!

After looking at all these pictures I had the thought "Am I blessed or what?!"" Sure do love these kids. :)
My current "projects" are--working on a slideshow for the wedding and getting the music for the ceremony/reception ready. I'm also having my bridal portraits done tomorrow :).. I should be able to post some engagement pics soon (Saturday) so keep checking. (I know you're all just on the edge of your seats waiting).
Brett and I finished pre-marital counseling yesterday-we passed! :)
We're down to 15 days.

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