Friday, June 3, 2011

Brett called me out onto the driveway last night to see what he had killed--this copperhead! YIIIIIIIIIIKES.
Made this cheese tortellini pasta salad this week for dinner-meat free and even got a compliment from my meat lovin' husband. Mission accomplished!'ve been enjoying our front porch since getting a round table and chairs.......complete with a bouquet of wild roses from the old house! Picked those myself...
Semper's enjoying the front porch too :)

Proud of Brett and Jack for learning how to bale our hay themselves!
Last weekend I made sausage, egg, and cheese biscuits using a wheat pancake/waffle mix from Jana. Brett cracked the egg in a glass measuring cup, stirred it up, and then microwaved for 45 seconds. It came out looking like this and tasted delicious!

Beauty in Eureka Springs! Brett took me last Saturday....I didn't last long. :) Too, too hot.
What are you doing for fun this summer?

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Heather said...

i need way more warning if there is ever a snake pic on here