Thursday, June 9, 2011

pins and needles.

This is my craft/laundry room....I haven't spent much time in here yet because it's basically been the dump for all things without a place. I decided to change that and have been working on a few projects to spruce the room up and make it a functional, inspiring, Sara style, room :).

After looking for curtains several places I gave up and bought this cute fabric at Joann's to make my own. I push them aside during the day, close them at night-perfect!

I saw this idea on Pinterest (do YOU pinterest? You should! It's where you can "pin" photos of things that inspire you onto an online bulletin board basically-so cool!). Anyway, this is a frame I got from my mom....painted it, put fabric behind it, and it's now a dry erase "to do" board!
Area by the sink.....all created with things I already owned. :) The fabric covered board has Anna Ruth pics and two sweet love notes from Brett. :) :)

Since scaling back on eating out big time I've tried to make our meals at home just as tasty (if not tastier hopefully) and fun :). One night we had chicken burritoes...with the toppings pictured above. Another night, thai peanut noodles...very good!

Big accomplishment-I made homemade icecream all by myself last weekend! I was thinking of our blue icecream maker we had growing up the whole time:) This maker was stored at the old house but I cleaned it up and made mint chocolate chip icecream. Absolutely. DELICIOUS.

And now-for the pins and needles. I went to the Dr. today....I am dilated some (have been for a couple of weeks)....Anna Ruth is in a great position, my blood pressure is great...and my due date is Saturday. I go back in Monday...and will then be induced if nothing has happened by next Wednesday. The Dr. says I am "all baby" and that she is about to run out of room :). Please pray specifically that Anna Ruth will come very soon and I won't need to be induced! We are believing this in faith.


steph said...

First off, I love your craft room! The fabric you picked for the curtains is perfect. And your dry erase to-do board is great! I saw something like that on a blog recently and have been wanting to make one too. :) Secondly, your meals sound and look delicious. I've been in a cooking rut. You might have just given me some inspiration. Lastly, I will be praying, praying, praying for you and Anna Ruth with vigor! I will pray for her to come in her time--but timely enough so you won't have to be induced. I'll try not to bug you with texts, but I' will be so anxious to hear how you are doing these next few days! Love ya!

Heather said...

wow, i am impressed that you did ALL of that and you are due any day. it looks awesome for sure. joining you in prayer that anna ruth will come on her own :) so exciting that you are about to embark on this wonderful journey. love you. oh, and i will definitely check out that website--what a cool idea.