Tuesday, June 21, 2011

never say never

naptime with momma
Being a pretty girl is hard work! :)
Anna Ruth had her first dr.'s appt today and did great! She loves her car seat :) and swing...doesn't like the pack and play at all....She also loves to eat :), and be active...she moves her arms and legs around a lot and really enjoys her hands/arms right up near her face.
The Dr. said she has an "asd"..which is a type of heart murmur. We need to take her to see someone from Children's Hosital in the next few weeks to see about it. We're praying it gone!
Never say you will never use a paci-you might :)


steph said...

Oh wow--those pictures take my breath away! She is so beautiful. Napping on that boppy with all that hair and sweet little rolls??? I love it. I will be praying the asd is gone or is so tiny it needs nothing whatsoever! My doc heard a heart murmur in Ingrid at our first appointment and by our second he didn't hear it anymore!! Heather and I both had heart murmurs. I'm praying it's nothing at all. Love you!

Heather said...

She is so so so pretty. I love pictures of your sweet baby girl. Praying, praying for your appointment in a few weeks and I hope that the murmur is completely gone. Elise's disappeared at four months. So glad you guys are home.

steph said...

P.S. I love pacis. Don't be afraid of the paci!