Saturday, June 11, 2011

Painting and patience..

"Patience is a virtue"........ No A.R.T. yet :) Thank-you so much for all of the prayers that she'll come on her own soon. Keep 'em coming!
So while waiting on our sweet one to come I've been doing more projects around the house-specifically in my craft room. I had two free pints of paint from Benjamin was this awful yellow you see above. Becca suggested I mix other colors with it to make it more of a mustard yellow, so I gave it a shot.

This is a little white shelf my mom gave us at the condo a few years back. I decided to give it a makeover. I painted it first....(ever watched a 9 month pregnant gal try to tackle a job like this? HAHA funny doesn't even describe it) Next, I added the material on the back/sides. I also took the door off and have another craft in mind for it.

and here's the finished product! the shelf now sits comfortably in my craft room! :)
I spray painted the branches above and printed out some of my favorite inspiring quotes of the moment to hang from the of the best -"She believed that she could, so she did".
p.s.-Ever thought your water broke only to find out it was the toilet leaking? No....? Hmm...must just be me :) (bahahahaha, sadly this is a true story!)


McCraine Family said...

The shelf is SO cute!! I love it! You look so good too! The story made me laugh, even though I'd already heard it once!!

Becca said...

LOVE your room, it looks so cute! And the paint color turned out fabulous, you did great!!