Saturday, March 26, 2011

beauty at big cedar.

This is our new comforter! I saw this at Bed, Bath, and Beyond a week ago...took a pic, showed Brett and when I went back this week thought they were out (it was on clearance). The nice lady climbed up to the ceiling practically and threw me one down! Hooray! We think it matches our walls well.
Back deck
kitchen faucet :) (Yeah! I could wash my strawberries)
handsome, handsome, handsome

28 weeks:
hello, 3rd trimester (goodbye heartburn...pleeeeease! it's Horrible. with a capital H)

What a much needed blessing our days away at Big Cedar were! We rested, read, talked, walked and photographed the beauty, ate, watched basketball together (the one sport I'll get into with Brett ), and enjoyed having time to be ourselves without having to think about the house or work necessarily. (Which we did a lot of that too)
We came back recharged and ready for the next few weeks! Our house should be done in 2 weeks......and then it's go time getting it ready for baby girl :).
Oh, and other big news-I'm staying home with Anna Ruth next year :).


RC said...

The comforter is beautiful!
It looks like Big Cedar is in bloom. So pretty. Love, Momma

steph said...

oh i love you big cedar. that pic of you on the couch with your PRECIOUS baby belly showing is my favorite picture of all time. it's beautiful.

love the quilt also. and the fact that it was on sale??? woooooot wooooooot.