Saturday, March 12, 2011

Today I enjoyed being outside all afternoon...and the beauty of the farm in spring. I never, I repeat, NEVER, thought I'd be living on a farm, but now I can't imagine any different...I keep thinking "This is where I'll raise my kids..what fun! "

I have a new walkin', farm buddy.
We also went to Alma today for Nathan's birthday party and Brett snapped these precious pictures of Kyla and I.

I got kisses and sweet conversation to my Anna Ruth today from Kyla. :) Look at all that handsome !

Becca had yummy food.....
The Birthday Boy! Happy 3rd birthday..
Cool cake made by was delicious! (Anna Ruth says "hey guys, what about me?! I want in the picture!")
Sweet, sweet parents/grandparents had to leave the party early to attend a funeral in Oklahoma City. Kyla was very concerned that they wouldn't get any cake and talking to my mom about a plan to make sure they got some cake....she's such a thoughtful girl.

We played a game that was funny to watch :).....Brett will be a good dad....not afraid to play games and be silly.
I think this picture is so pretty of my momma..

Friday night Brett and I went out on a date....we went for pizza and then walked around downtown Fayetteville. These are pics of Hugo's...not where we ate, but one of our all-time favorite restaurants. It's located loud and crowded with great food. We had our first date here. :)

Inspiring window display....God loving on us through his beautiful creation.......
26 weeks pregnant! ( I start doing appointments every two weeks now...)

Last week we met with our Connect Group from church for the second time. It's been so nice to get to know some other young couples from our church and have conversation a little deeper than just a Sunday morning "hello."

I've been feeling great lately, and thanks to everyone whose asked! The house doesn't have a big update right now...and we're wondering if we'll even be in before Anna Ruth is born.
More later with Anna Ruth purchases :), and Etsy finds for our house.

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