Thursday, March 3, 2011

Just keepin' it real on the blog tonight... :)
Realistically, this is what my girl and I look like at the end of the day....
I am 25 weeks pregnant and got signed up for a Childbirth "marathon" class to take in early May.....

I have been feeling great....just getting tired with working and the move and all. Anna Ruth moves a lot.....noticeably so lately. If I'm laying in bed at night you can visibly see my tummy move.
I love our girl, even though we haven't even met her yet......I feel like Brett and I have had plenty of stories about the lack of sleep and adjusting to being parents and our schedules being totally different once Anna's born..
Bring it.
Because with that comes our Anna Ruth, our girl! :)


steph said...

Well I think you look great! So glad you got signed up for childbirth class! The tips D and I learned really helped us get through natural childbirth. Can't wait for you to meet your girl too. (and I wish everyone would keep their negative stories and comments to themselves!)

Heather said...

um you don't even look pregnant from the front. at all. lol. you look great and i hope your classes are so much fun and very helpful.