Sunday, April 3, 2011

Here's a glimpse of our carpet. Nothing special, but pretty still :) We had our builder's granddaughter and her friends cleaning our house's starting to look a tad bit more like home. Doesn't feel quite like home yet though....I'm ready to get my hands on it! (Brett and I are excited to keep house ) :) Woohoo! We bought a new riding lawn mower to mow the old house lawn, as well as our house yard with. What a time saver! (I even got to take it for a spin....okay, so I was just allowed to start it today. :) ) Baby steps..Double take!

Brett and I got a glimpse of parenthood last night because we got to babysit Caleb and Lainey..we had a great time!

our ship's "Captain"...

T-ball lesson from the old pro, Uncle Brett

Saturday morning I got to spend time with Becca and Malachi! Becca got some super cute clothes and we had a great time shopping!
Check out that style! :)
Love this look!
Malachi took a good little nap...and was all smiles when he woke up.

29 weeks!

My prints I ordered from "The Wheatfield" came in the mail and they look even better in person! Random ramblings: *I have still been feeling great! Heartburn occasionally....and been real tired at times (but I've also been working 50+ hours per week...) *I'm just now getting the "stare" know, where people notice your stomach first...and then your face. At least it's not the "You poor thing" stare yet. that will come soon I'm sure. :) Also, I am no longer anoynmous..anywhere I go it seems there's a mom who wants to connect about mommyhood. Kinda fun :) *We should officially close on the house on the 15th...we're already planning/preparing as much as possible to move in..........(putting a lot of thought into's "GO TIME" as soon as we close! I'll be 31 weeks) I can't wait to cook again...and sew! and most of all, be a momma :)


McCraine Family said...

I like your pregnancy pics...glad you're taking them! Caleb and Lainey had so much fun with you're naturals!! Your house is looking SO good!

steph said...

You look great! I love "the stare." And that absolutely anyone and everyone will come up and talk to you because you're pregnant! hahaha. So funny. I'm so excited the closing is just days away. I'm ready for you to get your hands on the house too. And take lots of pics for me to see your craftiness in action. I can't wait.

Heather said...

you get to stay home!!!! so exciting. and i love the house updates. getting so close. i'm ordering some of those prints. copycat. can't wait till your girl is here :)