Tuesday, March 22, 2011

BIG thanks to Jack and Andy for helping Brett lay our wood floor in the house.....they worked all day Saturday, Jack and Brett continued all day Sunday.......and Brett continued all day today. Not done yet but it looks beautiful!

Friday night Brett and I went out for a date :). Hugo's and Barnes and Noble....Brett had a great date idea-split up in Barnes and Noble and pick out a book for each other to read. "Someone" may have been surprised at the other person's picks (and not enthusiastic to read them)....and may have ruined the date night idea a bit. But, I'm just sayin' someone MAY have done that :) :) haha.
Brett's newest bedside read :).
Just kidding. (this picture has nothing to do with the above paragraph, promise) :)

Our beautiful columns! They will be painted soon....
Ceiling fan and floors! Yes, they're dusty and dirty. But beautiful! I am so appreciate and proud of Brett for working so hard on his vacation to lay this floor down.
Sunday I got to put my feet up for a minute. Been feeling great....but my feet have been pretty sore.
27 weeks!
Excited for summer fruit :)
Hugo's! Best. burger. EVER.
Thinking of hanging these over the french doors in Anna's room so that they can be pulled to the side during the day......Thoughts anyone??? Do you think they let in too much light?

Cute pillow idea from Hobby Lobby!
"Branson Babymoon...here we come!"


steph said...

Your floors are gorgeous! Love them so much. And love that purple dress. You look so great. I like the curtains. A ton of light comes in Ingrid's curtains and I love it. (I think you asked me where I got them one time and I never responded. Or maybe I dreamed it up. But they were a big splurge from Urban Outfitters.) Hope you have fun at Branson. Sorry we don't get to meet up with you! :(

Becca said...

Tell Brett the floors look great!! And the cantaloupe & pickles cracked me up, you must be pregnant :)