Monday, February 21, 2011

We have much to give thanks for! Brett and I are be content whatever the circumstances.
Our condo neighbor made these sweet hats for Anna Ruth :). I can't wait to see them on our girl!

We had another ultrasound today because our dr. had some concerns over the last one. Turns out, everything checked out just fine :) and we got a great report on Miss Anna! Praise, Praise, Praise God. Huge relief.

This is the current stae of our condo.....packing each night! Our last night in the condo will be Friday or Saturday...

My mom is making this quilt for Anna Ruth :).

Sunday we celebrated Seth, Momma, and Daddy's birthday with an Italian feast at my parents house, complete with sweets, kiddos, and exploring and playing in the back yard afterwards. This is Caleb, "climbing a tree."
My mom is a ping-pong pro!Such huge smiles from Malachi!
Nathan helping open a present!

Good conversation....
Jana, "Super-mom"
These two adore each other :)...........and like to wrestle too!
24 weeks!

Birthday boy :)

Grandma, Becca, Jana, and I all made freezer meals to exchange at the party. I made these DELICIOUS cookies :). They are the Alton Brown Food Network recipe.....made with white chocolate chips, as well as peanut butter chips and chocolate chips.

I also made creamy taquitos, from the fantastic cooking site

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steph said...

So glad everything is fine with Anna Ruth! Whew. You have so much going on right now with packing and moving and building and baby, etc, etc, etc. And you still look beautiful! Pregnancy does you well. Looks like a fun family party. And I LOVE that quilt :)