Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Just a little color inspiration for our house. :) We bought this plate in Italy, a trip I will never, ever forget! We plan on hanging a lot of our cool pics from the trip in our house someday too...

the last "prediction" (haha) I heard on the news last night about snow was between 2-4 inches. Last I heard this morning, we had 19 INCHES. Even more than that now because it is stillllll snowing. Goodbye Winter......please come soon spring! I think I will kiss the ground a thousand times once spring comes.

There are two cats at Janice's house that snuggle up together in this basket outside....adorable! Of course as soon as one of the cats saw me she quickly ran out....embarrassed to be snuggling with another cat I suppose. :)

This was from last mom says we live in a "gated community". :) Not really any progress on the house to report...We do have a crib ordered :) and Brett and I have decided to prioritize things once we are able to move in by getting the absolute necessary things done first so that the house is at least semi-functional if Anna Ruth comes early. We're not sure when we'll move in.....

Jack on the new tractor, what a blessing! He is smiling so big because he's so thrilled to be photographed while doing the farmwork....hey, what's a girl supposed to do with the Torbett men on the farm when she can't lift anything heavy or do much of anything? :) After taking these Jack asked "Am I gonna make it on the blog?" Haha...of course.

View of our farm. We've had 3 baby calves born in this treacherous weather......2 have died. The 3rd was born last things obviously aren't looking good for that one. :( Besides it being sad and the poor mama cows bellowing in sadness...that's money dying in practical terms!

For those who don't know, we live about 3 or 4 minutes from Beaver lake...this is our view on the way to the house. Once it's warm we can put the bass boat in in just a matter of minutes! (I wonder how old Anna Ruth will need to be before she can come along?)
Our interior painters came to check on things last weekend to see if the house is ready to paint. it's not. at all. They got stuck at the bottom of the hill by the lake, walked all the way to our house...and we happened to be there. So Brett and Jack got them unstuck. :) I was along for the ride.

Best. husband. EVER. Brett is such a hardworking, brave husband. He's had to go to work every day in this matter what. He has taken me to the grocery store, cleaned off the sidewalk out front, cleaned off my car, taken me to get movies or magazines :), gotten me out of the house..etc, etc. His endless acts of kindness leave me feeling so loved :).

Our baby girl is doing great! She is moving a lot lately.....just saying "hi" I guess and making sure she's never more than a thought away. I'll be 23 weeks on Friday!


Heather said...

love that plate! and i had no idea you were that close to the lake--how awesome.

steph said...

How crazy is all this snow? How crazy that you live so close to the lake? How crazy that you live on a farm? How crazy that you are so cute preggo? (well that's not crazy...I knew you would be!) loveya

McCraine Family said...

I love all of these pictures!! You and Anna Ruth are looking so cute!