Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Baby girl's name, Snow, and Thankfulness

Announcing our baby girl's name:
Anna Ruth :)
She can be called "Anna Ruth", just "Anna", or as I imagine family might call her, "Ruthie"

We are in the middle of snow, ice, and lots of it. I am thankful (soo thankful) the electricity has stayed on! "This too shall pass".....while listening to The Sound of Music today while I sewed I heard the line "I am confident spring will come again!".....

deeeeeeep tracks going to the mailbox.

Anna Ruth is growing and I felt her kick (while my hand was on my stomach) for the first time yesterday. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO amazing, so fun! :) I yelled "shut up!" and grabbed Brett's hand but we weren't quick enough for Ruthie girl :)

Beautiful pink flowers from Janice-a bright spot in the condo :)

Taggie blanket I made today

More burp cloths for Anna

I prepared this dessert for our first ever Connect Group last Sunday! We had a great time eating, fellowshipping, and playing with the kiddos. I also made Huntington Hen, my mom's famous casserole. It was good, but I said "It doesn't taste like momma's though...." Jana's response? (which made me laugh) "It never does."

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steph said...

I LOVE THE NAME. it's everything: beautiful, classic, original, cute. and i love that you are calling her every form of the name. we do the same thing with ingrid cate! love ya sara.

oh--and great sewing. love the new projects.