Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snow day #454544........ :) I sewed these Log Cabin quilt squares for our house. I'm planning on framing them..

Scenes from my 5 minute, sun-filled walk yesterday :)

Learning more about the camera; practicing on Brett :). I love this picture of him.
*sidenote: The meaning of Anna Ruth's name:
Ruth-friend, companion
On my "Life list" for the next year is a freezer meal swap....great blog article here:
Also on my list, host a creative day. This lady hosted a whole weekend! What fun:

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Heather said...

great name--it is so you! i like anna ruth all together and so i think that is what i will call her :) you have done so much sewing and although i never will sew, i sure love seeing what others make. oh, and i agree, great pic of your hubs.