Saturday, January 8, 2011

Passion for Life list, Nursery Inspiration, and Paint gone Wrong

At the start of the new year I like to think of how I want to challenge myself in the upcoming year. I get so into the daily routine that sometimes I forget to think about life beyond that. Last year's goal was to get better at cooking and planning meals, and I must say, it is now one of my biggest hobbies. :)
Want a peek at this year's list? Oh, and I prefer to think of this as my "Passion for Life" list..
1.) Make homemade icecream
2.) Sew for our baby :) :) :)
3.) Host a "creative night"
4.) Bake once a month
5.) Take a sister's trip (they don't know about this one yet!)
6.) Do a freezer meal swap
7.) Do Siesta Scripture Memory (I'm doing this with Beth Moore's community on her blog...memorizing two scriptures a month)
8.) Do a monthly photo collage with 4 or 5 lines journaled underneath (and print out!)
9.) Date nights :)
10.) Learn to bake bread
11.) Go to Ikea
12.) Go to Beth Moore Event (this one, along with a few others, is a stretch)
13.) Continue homemade Christmas gifts, partly at least
14.) Start a Connect Group with other young families (already in the works!)
15.) Read :) (always....)
16.) Go on "babymoon"......(Can we say "Branson?")
And now for some nursery inspiration! You will first find my "girl" inspiration/ideas...

I would love to do these fabric pinwheels above the crib......something different, and oh so fun!

I would also love to hang either of these prints from "The Wheatfield" (an Etsy Store) in a girl's room as well.........we will probably do a neutral wall, no matter the sex of the baby. I saw someone use a reallly cute polka dot fabric as the background in an antique white frame..with a print like this on top. Very cute!

And now for my "boy" inspiration/ideas.....

I love this print (on the top)....also from "The Wheatfield". The prints are around $15-22 dollars and I would probably try to find a frame somewhere inexpensive as well (or use what we already have!) I also really like these "outdoorsy" Charley Harper alphabet cards and would like to incorporate them into a boy's nursery somehow as well... (another option-the backsides of the flashcards make a giant, really cool picture as well! It is a floor puzzle on the reverse side)

and last, but not least, the story of "The Paint Gone Wrong" :)
Okay, so it's not really THAT bad, and no I don't have a picture to show you. Basically, we were asked to pick the exterior paint color on our house Thursday.....and by yesterday they had painted the front and the sides and it's minty green. NOT what we had pictured! Someday we will laugh about this. :) Might as well now!
Carlos, our painter, is being very kind about it and will redo it for us....and we have better options than what's on there. So no worries.
Have I mentioned how much I love building but don't love painting?
"Live and Learn"


McCraine Family said...

I want to/will be involved with #'s 5 and 6! Yay! :) I love this post...the nursery ideas are really cute! I don't love the mint green story, but glad it can be fixed!

steph said...

I love your list. Goals are great to have. I have an ongoing list in a notebook. I keep adding everyday it seems! Your inspirations are beautiful. I love every single idea.