Thursday, December 30, 2010

19 days and counting until we find out if our little one is a "he" or "she" :). I.AM. SO. EXCITED.I am 17 weeks along......and looking quite round here after a country breakfast, cooked by Brett :).

seeing THIS never gets old. Ever.

This morning over breakfast Brett and I listened to "Life at the Pond" on the radio and sat by the stove. Old-fashioned and relaxing.

Meet Blacky. He once was blind, but now he sees! (no, seriously, he really was physically blind!) I always think of little stories for the calves and cows.....maybe I will do a picture book someday?

Friday Brett and I got to spend time together, looking at furniture and things of that sort...and he treated me to lunch at Loafin' Joe's and we split a cupcake from "Bliss". Good, incredibly rich...almost too much so.

Stories from a Shut-in:
Okay, so life might not be THAT dramatic, but I have been "healing" from being sick all week. I am getting better and thankful that I have been off work this week and have had time to rest.
I decorated our mirror for winter, using coffee filters. :)

Thursday night I made a sausage (the less fat version of pork sausage) egg, cheese, and jalapeno Breakfast Braid, along with hashbrowns, and muffins for dessert. It tasted soooo good, which is saying a lot lately. The recipe is a "Cooking Light" one. Let me know if you want it!
(and this made a lot too, we had it again Friday morning)

I'm "Facebook Free".

So the UPS man came to the door to pick up a return (even though I had nothing for him)..afterwards I talked to our neighbor Bobbie, for about 10 or 15 minutes. I came in and realized I was only wearing one earring. :) I took the other one off when talking to Becca.......What's that? You don't think anyone noticed? Good, me either :)

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