Thursday, January 20, 2011

Through the snow we went at 7:30 this morning............

to look at our precious, baby GIRL. :)


steph said...

HOORAY FOR GIRLS!!!! i'm so excited for you. a tear just fell. i'm so glad you got to have the ultrasound even through the snow. it snowed on my gender ultrasound too and i almost didn't get it. so i'm super glad you did! hooray. let the nursery planning begin. loveyou!!!!!!!!!!

RC said...

Janice is looking like the proud first time Grandmother that she is! I have some quilt ideas for your baby girl when you decide on colors and a theme. Let me know so I can show them to you to see which one you like. Daddy always says"there's nothing sweeter than a little girl." We're excited for you and Brett. Love, Momma