Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My car battery died today. Before I could get to work. I was saved by Janice (a.m.) and Barbara (p.m.) My dear husband will replace it tonight. :)
Our appraisal came through. It's not so great. Will call the potential buyer later on tonight to "negotiate", or get turned down altogether. We'll see. Prayer works and "God is a good book-keeper" as Pastor Red always says, and as we believe. Update later on.
Our cabinets are installed in the house and they are wonderful, gorgeous, and just how we wanted. I requested a few things like a bookshelf in the side of the kitchen island for cookbooks and a high desk (that I can stand up at or sit in a bar stool at) in my craft room (also with bookshelf and TONS of storage in the room).....all requests came out just fabulous. We couldn't be happier.
Cheese (in any form-dip, slices, cheese ball, cheese puffs), Chocolate, and Chick-fil-a are my top three fave's the last few weeks of pregnancy. Oh, and Dr. Pepper. Don't worry-I'm giving our little one plenty of nutrients as well. :)

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