Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Isn't our house really coming along?! :)
Just kidding.
Here are a few of our interior paint inspirations......Yes, I realize these are Pottery Barn pics and we won't have a "Pottery Barn house". But we love the creamy neutrals on the wall. :)

These two shades, "Dried Thyme" and "Artichoke" are what Carlos, our painter, will paint on the exterior of the house before we move on with paint color #2. Oh, the joys of color. :)

Other "color fun"....these are three makeup products (from Wal-mart) I am loving! The blush is "Rimmel", which is a cheaper brand, but I really like the band of three colors that blend well. The lip shimmer is Burt's Bee's and the color is "Rhubarb"....it goes on like a chapstick and has just enough color, without looking "lipsticky". Yes, I made that word up. :)
The eye shadow is by Loreal and is really fun because it has numbers 1-4 on each shade in the case...and on the back it tells you where to put them on the eye!
Like paint by number for the face.

What's a pregnant girl to do on a snow day? Make cookies of course!
I made some cookie dough today (http://www.hilsblog.com/2010/07/chocolate-chip-cookie-day.html) and baked enough for a treat for Brett and I. I then wrapped the rest to freeze.

I am 18 weeks pregnant and could not be happier. :) :) :) :) In one week and one day we found out whether our sweet one is a boy or girl. I will be most honored to be a momma to either. :)

And to end-a story about my own "Miracle Worker", a.k.a. "Brett"
Sunday night I was quickly straightening up the house before Breakout (church). I decided to clean the fish bowl, which houses "Angel", my school students' fish. Long story short, I was dumping Angel back into her clean bowl and she slipped on into the drain. I let out an Oscar-worthy gasp and my heart started pounding! I held a flashlight in my mouth so I could see Angel..who was still in the the drain flopping around. I then tried to grab her, used tweezers, etc. but just couldn't get her!
Horrified-I called Brett and left him a voicemail to let him know where I left Angel.....and went to church. Boooo.

Long story short again-Brett got home from the farm around 7:30 (2 HOURS LATER) and got Angel out of the drain, alive! :) Whew, he saved me from disappointing my sweet students. Oh, and there was VERY little water in the drain for the two hours...just drops.
And yes, I told my students this story and it was the most captivated they've been all year. :)


McCraine Family said...

Love this post! Your baby belly is looking sooo cute! I think I need the paint by number for your face thing! Looks fun! :) I really like the greens for the house too...love you guys!

Heather said...

the Angel story had me in a panic. and i don't even like fish!! your belly is tiny, tiny, tiny. oh, and i will take a "pottery barn" house any day, lol.