Sunday, December 26, 2010

So this is Christmas..

Merry Christmas 2010! Here are a few shots from my mom-in-law's, which is where we ended Christmas Day.
Pretty scarf from Jack :)

Meet Semper.

We started off the morning by going to my mom and dad's! What fun!

Brett and Malachi

Gift for "Baby T"

This is about as real life as it gets :)

Cute apron my mom sewed for the boys (Nathan got one too!)

We are a book lovin' family!

Nathan checking out Uncle Brett's new tools...

Pretty Becca :)

Love Caleb's little hand on my leg :)

Christmas Eve (morning) at our house! Pretty earrings from Brett...and a warm stocking hat too! (this is so I can be cute on the farm ) :)

Brett is always making me laugh :)

Ginormous container of cheese balls I bought him. A healthy, nutritious snack :)


McCraine Family said...

Fun pictures! I especially love the cardinal one!

Will said...

Who is Semper? He is very cute and personable, but where does he belong? G&P