Saturday, December 18, 2010

We got a new camera! The pics above were taken in the dark so that's as good as it gets :). This is our tub in our master bath-I saw a pic a loong time ago in a magazine with a tub like this with a window with shutters and a that's what we're having :). This is the window they put in the great room. I really like it.

Branson this weekend! We stayed in the Hilton for a so fun! :) We did a bit of shopping......but mostly just walked around, ate, and enjoyed one another.

p.s.-I made the photo collage at the top of the blog for FREE using directions from a lady's blog and Picassa, also free. It took a long time, but once figured out, will be realllllly fast from now on. Let me know if you want the "how to"!

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