Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Break so far:

enjoying God's creation,

excitement for our house,

suddenly, many choices, decisions, and errands to complete for our house,

joy at our decisions thus far (such as the arches above),

looking more pregnant (16 weeks Friday),

cooking beans,

getting better with the new camera,

starting a journal/memory book for baby,

enjoying my momma's delicious, traditional cookies,

cooking new recipes ( *I used fat free cream cheese and ground turkey instead of chicken

and typing narratives, getting groceries in a quiet Wal-mart (bliss), going to the library, reading about pregnancy and trying to let it sink in, going on a walk in 55 degree weather, typing more narratives, and soo looking forward to Christmas with family. :)


RC said...

Love,love,love everything about your house.It's looking great!and getting better every day.So excited for you (both)Love, Momma and Daddy

Brett said...

Sara makes me do silly things against my will, such as jump up in the air for pictures.