Saturday, August 7, 2010

Randomness: Before and After, Back to School, St. John, and House Inspiration

Before: After! Brett got us a new digital thermostat and it is working great! I am always so proud of him for being Mr. Fix-It :) Plus, what an attractive look he has going too!

School has basically started (for teachers anyway) and here are a few things I've been working on. On the left is a display of types of questions we encourage the students to ask, which will go on the window wall. The middle letters will be hung on the wall, and the right photo is a calendar I made using numbers from magazines. I'll laminate all the paper projects to make them look even better, and to last.

I cut up Brett's business magazine to make these letters! This is where our newspaper stories will go, along with questions and responses from the kiddos.

We've been going many places like Lowe's, Pottery Barn, OOPS, Lighting Emporium, and National to get inspiration for our house and to decide what we like. The photos here are the colors and look that we like. By the way, we are so pleased with Lowe's lighting selection and like what we've found there waaay better than Lighting Emporium! Surprising. :)

Haha-definitely NOT our aesthetic! This rug on the right was made from neckties, and this couch was hysterical. These will not be going in our home!

Here's a look back at St. John island. We rode on the top of the ferry the day we left and enjoyed the fabulous views. :)

On our forever long hike, we hiked up to a very beautiful waterfall. :)
Where our Jeep is parked is what the yard looked like at our cottage.

We named this lizard Henry :).

Meet my little friend that was in the shower with me the first night-AHHH!

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