Friday, August 13, 2010

Guess who came to see me at work today? :) My room is pretty much ready for school, but I still have an enormous amount of other tasks to do. Brett asked if he could come by after he got off work, and I was thrilled! I love that he cares about what I do :) :) :)

Here is a view of the back of my classroom, my work table (where I'll meet with small groups a lot), and our "Action" clothesline wall, where kids can write down times that they see their classmates displaying certain attitudes and attributes we teach at Westwood.

This is our Current Events board. We receive free newspapers several times during the week and this is where we will post stories that have to do with what we're learning. The kids can also write directly on the brown paper with their questions, thoughts, feelings, etc. about the stories.

This is our art area, where the kiddos supplies will go. We also have an area where I will put different items out every week or few weeks. The kids can then observe the items and ask questions about the "mystery" items (we're starting out with something easy-rocks :) ). I've been collecting things from the farm and various places to set out there during the year. I'm going to make a sign for this area that says "Eye Spy-Finding the interesting in the ordinary". The pillows are in our reading area-I sewed the middle one :)

My favorite spot!! This is the library and reading area :). The kids will place a number on the world map and then write the numbered location down on a class list as they read about various places in the world. It will be neat to see how we "Read around the world" this year!

This is our Reading Recommendation board. Kids can recommend books to others, and I'm going to put a tub out so that after they recommend a book they can place it in the tub for someone else to get. I also have labeled bins for each unit we teach ....."who we are", How the world works" are just a couple. We will also have a reader's choice section where the kids get to choose if they'd read MY pick or not :)

This is the top of the loft. I added the posters of places in the world, and a dry erase board on the wall for the kids.

I put a couple of the curtains momma made me last year on the loft this year (the rest are under the windows, like normal) I also added a banner I made :)
This is our lunch choice, and a calendar I made by cutting out various numbers from magazines, gluing them on construction paper, and then laminating them. Lastly, I put the wire racks together (thanks momma!) to make a bookshelf for our unit books.
There are more pics, but I think this'll do :)


Becca said...

I love your classroom, it looks GREAT! Kyla is going to be unhappy we missed calling you this Friday again, she has it in her mind she can ONLY call you on Fridays......

Emily said...

wow sara, what a great room. what a blessing you are to your students! I don't think I could ever be creative enough to be a teacher. Hope this new school year starts off great!