Monday, August 23, 2010

A look at lately: I made two very good veggie dishes for dinner tonight. E-mail me if you'd like the recipes!

I checked out the book below from the Springdale Public Library and really like it....especially the pictures below! :) :)

This weekend I hung out with Jana a bit (missed you Becca) and we went to Orange Mango, the frozen yogurt place on Dickson Street. We each got out for around $2.00 and enjoyed our treats immensely!

Brett and I worked on our house site this weekend as well. We had the perc test completed today and it went very well. Also, the electricity men will be cutting a path, and getting electricity to our house site sometime this week, hopefully.
This is a clearing we'll have to the left of our house. We plan on cleaning it up a lot, eventually :) and I hope, planting some fruit trees.

These are all of the rocks I picked up from the site. We might use them for landscaping later on. (They look better in real life, or maybe those are my rose-colored glasses kicking in again) :)
This BEAUTIFUL tree will be seen from the study and our Master bedroom/bathroom.

A student of mine brought these flowers to me on the first day! They were from their garden. :)
This is our new library at Westwood!!! Wooohoooo!

I read a book called "A Bad Case of Stripes" to my students, and then each kid (plus me!) made a mini stripe drawing and included things that they really liked (that maybe othe people didn't know about them).

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McCraine Family said...

Recipes please! :) The food looks yummy!!