Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Things are great in the Torbett household! I have successfully gone to work and cooked dinner when I got home the last two nights. A small accomplishment for some...but a goal of mine. :) Tonight we had chicken pot pie, salad, and mashed potatoes/gravy (the potatoes are a long story......I know they don't really go).
Work is in full swing! I am being super organized and am so excited to have my room the way I like it. I will definitely do a huge classroom post when I near completion.
Other than that Brett and I have been opening wedding presents...rearranging the condo some, working on the farm some (he's been doing the working mostly), and just getting used to our schedule together as a married couple. He starts school next week to get his MBA from the U of A.
Marriage is wonderful :).

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