Monday, August 25, 2008

In case you were wondering.........the sun flower in the previous post is from Janice's garden. Isn't it pretty?
Happy 1 month anniversary to Brett and I today! Goodness, I am blessed beyond measure.
I made meatloaf and pototoes/gravy tonight. I was proud of myself for making the gravy because I really didn't have the right stuff (or so I thought ). I melted some margarine in the pan first (2 or 3, not very healthy). I then added some milk, water, flour, salt, pepper, and beef bouillon cubes (2) was very good, actually :)
The Nervous System sock activity went great! The kids are so smart..they totally guessed the carrot sock, dryer sheet sock...and a few others.
Have I mentioned how great my kiddos are?They are G=R=E=A=T.
Time for dishes and payin' bills :).

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