Saturday, August 9, 2008

I rolled right outta' bed today......literally. :)
There I was, hugging my side of the bed (clinging to the side of the bed, really)....I went to roll over and plopped right onto the floor. Luckily, Brett had hit snooze on the alarm (he works today) so he wasn't quite awake enough for it to be really embarassing. I laughed harder than he. I told him about falling off the bed in college and how I apparently grabbed the microwave on my way down. He assured me we'd get 1.) a king size bed or 2.) a microwave to grab on the way down from the queen :)

We went to eat at Pesto Cafe last was delicious! Plus, their angel hair pasta serving is enough for 2 or 3 servings...I always bring home left-overs which is nice. We didn't make it to the Batman movie afterwards because we took too long at dinner. Instead we got dessert and sat outside at Common Grounds and then came home and watched Lonesome Dove-the sole movie we both enjoy equally.
This morning I've already gone to the grocery store and Abby is coming over at 10 for a visit! I am so excited! :)
Just wanted to update coming soon.

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McCraine Family said...

HAHA! I was a witness to the microwave episode, and it was hilarious! I love you!

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