Saturday, August 16, 2008

My new students are coming soon! So far, I have experienced a calm about this year I don't think I ever felt at all last year. Things have been extremely busy and pretty non-stop as far as school goes.....but I've been pretty excited about this year.

I ordered a lot of books for the classroom (books are really my passion).....only a few have arrived in the mail so far, but there is one in particular I am impressed with, Museum ABC. They also have Museum 1-2-3 and Museum Shapes as well. The ABC book goes through the alphabet and on one side of the page will say something like "Y is for yellow"........the other page will then have famous paintings with the color yellow. These books are done by the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
My classroom is finished, and I have received several compliments of people saying it has a calm, relaxing feel...wonderful! One of my other co-teachers really rubbed off on me this year and I am pretty organized. Of course 28 students can do a lot of damage to that. We'll see :)
Brett has started so he has been pretty busy between that and work. I have been learning to be a good wife by cooking and helping more with things around the house so he can study and work on projects. We're doing well. :)

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