Saturday, August 23, 2008

I love him. Never a dull moment in the house! Can you see why? (he was "saving the dip" for later...on his face. Gross? Yep. But absolutely funny?oh yes :) )
I should really offer a prize to the person who can guess what the mysterious burnt dinner is (or was) :).....many have please............)

THAI CHICKEN. Now, if you're close to my family at all you might be asking, wait didn't her sister have a beautiful picture of thai chicken posted on her site that she recently made? :) Yes, she did. If you're interested you may want to ask her for help in making it instead of me! :)
Actually, I used my big crockpot (which was too big on this occasion) for the chicken......and it cooked too there you have it.
I'm really not that bad of a cook :). I think I need a new photo post to redeem myself. (check later on today)

Today I wandered the aisles of the crazy mixed up land of Walmart for over an hour....they're re-doing the store and not even the employees know where things are located! Did you know you can buy fruit roll ups that have tattoos for your tongue? I bought dear husband some :). They have batman and joker on them!
Friday we had our regular "Class Meeting" which involves complimenting one another and talking about problems from the week, etc. (you didn't know I was part counselor too?). One of the boys, during compliment said, "I want to compliment Mrs. Torbett because she's pretty." The whole class lost it...but I thought it was sweet :)
We did an egg drop Friday for fun and the kiddos looooved it! I have a good class. Haven't wanted to admit it yet for fear they'll turn to little monsters. But really-they have such unique personalities.

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Becca said...

I seriously nearly didn't post the Thai Chicken for that very reason....if I hadn't already told you that we (ironically) were having it this week I wouldn't have...the recipe really was too good not to share though.....yours would have been great, it just cooked a bit too long. Glad you have a great group of kids, the classroom looks great!

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