Thursday, August 7, 2008

I got to see these sweet girls today....and this handsome guy! What fun we had!
Yet another reason why dear husband reminds me of dear daddy. :) Yes, this is potted meat.....eaten as a delicacy with cheese and crackers.
I somewhat finished my classroom in organizing, decorating, etc. I had a few extra hands to help yesterday...thanks again Momma and Daddy! I went for an "outdoorsy" look in the room.....I love it and hope the students do as much, or more than me. Pictures coming soon! Janice, Lillie, and momma are coming to visit it tomorrow so that is a big deal to me............
Tomorrow Brett and I are going on a date! I'm excited :). Talk to ya'll soon...Mrs. Torbett


Becca said...

Do you eat the potted meat too??? Just curious :) Love you.

McCraine Family said...

Caleb and I had fun too!! Love you!

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