Saturday, November 5, 2011

Oh no. Girls just wanna have fun

"Oh no." This was Brett's reaction when he saw the following pics. :) Anna Ruth and I loaded up to go to Malachi's first birthday (road trip! Sorta....) and Becca had the most FUN photo booth set up at the party. I may have gotten a bit carried away. ...(Really, is there such thing as getting too carried away? I behaved like a five year old and had a blast :)

Kyla was so excited to be in a picture with the aunts-haha :)

Lainey lovin' this new look on her mama!

I'm contemplating a nose job.
What do you think?

bahaha!! Sadly I was clueless that my poor girl's face was completely covered during this pic. Don't worry-Aunt jana came to the rescue. (after we got the silly picture of course! Poor Anna Ruth)

Later on in the day we walked around Fayetteville and went to the library and saw this neat plane.

Lainey made a new friend at the party. Mick was so kind to talk with her :)

Way cute party decor!

The party boy! (love his shirt Becca made)

Anna Ruth chillin' on Granna (thanks to Momma for holding Anna and giving me a bit of a break-Anna Ruth really likes her Granna!)

Sweet time with Granna showing Lainey how to do stickers (I adore the concentrated look on Lainey's face here)


Double-take, fun crafts for the kiddos!

Nathan being silly for Anna. I've noticed he'll get over by her when no one else is around and talk sweet to her :)

In other news...I made this little "Give Thanks" banner for our entry table and rearranged it a bit (excuse the wrinkly runner) The plan is to write down thankful thoughts and put them in the jar or hang them on the branches and then read them on Thanksgiving.

I cut the banner shapes out, printed the words on the computer..

and hot glued the whole thing! This was during naptime so fast finishing was important!

View of our house on our walk the other day. Anna and I take walks around the yard frequently. I like how the sky looks like it has an ombre effect.........

We heart books.

The signs of a stay-at-home-mom...everything starts to make logical sense in your own brain! I stuffed this material in the sides of Anna's bumbo seat (on loan from the McCraines-thanks!) to help her back be aligned straight so she wouldn't lean too far over to the side..

me-pj's, heart at rest and so full with my girl tucked in on my chest..

and back to having a blast in the bumbo!

Raising our country girl right!

I sure am enjoying living on the farm in the falltime!

Anna Ruth "getting to know" Charlotte at play group! We are continuing to go on Thursdays and have the best time :)

Soon a new blog will be up and running for the former Capper sisters to share their good eats, such as this pumpkin pie milkshake I made Brett and I this week. :)

We so enjoyed having Grandma Capper over for a visit last week. It was her first time to see our house!

Trunk or Treat at church last week! This is one of my favorite families-our music minister's family:). What creative costumes!

ps.-just felt my first earthquake. NOT kidding. I felt my chair and the floor shaking a bit in the craft room...the report is about to be on the news too (thank you Jesus I'm not imagining things!)


Becca said...

Oh my goodness, LOVE this post, ha! Hope you had fun at his birthday party :)

steph said...

Looks like the party was a blast. Love looking at your sweet girl. She really is precious.