Saturday, November 12, 2011

I've got SUNSHINE on a cloudy day :)

12 lbs. has changed my life :).

No, not the typical weight loss saga most women dwell on endlessly, but this sweet, adorable girl we get to call our daughter.

She gives me a mind to notice the wind and shadows, fingers and hands to feel textures and cuddle with love, a voice for singing loud and making the silliest of noises, ears for listening for laughs and cries that mean I'm needed, feet for walking outdoors and in, observing every little thing along the way.

Most of all-new eyes. Eyes to see fun instead of fussies, a house of love instead of laundry and such, to see special moments instead of things fulfilling me like greed or money.

As I've said before, "rose-colored glasses, rosy world or not." :)


Amber Brooke said...

She is adorable! I just LOVE her smile!!

steph said...

Good Outlook! Precious daughter. A perfectly "Sara" post. Love.