Friday, November 18, 2011

Brett met me at the mall this week so he could pick up Anna Ruth and I could hang out with Jana and Mikayla. We took her around and showed her the Christmas decorations that are up. Her favorite though? The lights in the water by the food court :).
(and yes-she's in her jammies already)

Playgroup! We had delicious chocolate cake and excellent conversation this week-as always. It's a very bright spot in my week! :)

Yesterday I cracked an egg to use for dinner and it came out in the shape of a heart.

I thought it was so neat! Brett was baffled I think that I took a picture of such a thing. Hey-some days any bit of fun will do :). Oh, and if you haven't heard, my sisters and I started a cooking blog:

hahaha-this made me laugh so hard! I'm not sure which of the sisters we inherited this hat from but I put it on Anna Ruth to wear outside today and it just looked so funny. I laughed and laughed. I have custom ordered her a mustard yellow hat with earflaps from the Sunflower Shop off of Homemade Saturdays blog. Go here: to check it out! I looked at hats in the stores this last weekend and I think hers are so much cuter. Plus-I have to support handmade when possible.

Quick five-month update: Anna is very, very curious about EVERYTHING. she will put anything in her hands and mouth she can reach. She clicked her tongue for the first time this week. She enjoys rolling over both ways and has started pushing up some when she's laying on her tummy (or just balancing on her tummy with arms/legs flying in the air). She's gone to the nursery for the first time-and sometimes is a bit clingy. She has a certain huff and puff she does when she's upset (pictures of that later), she still loves to stand and be outside most of all. Her jumparoo is her absolute favorite. She also loves books..and peek a boo. Still loves music and singing...and clapping.She also likes being held up high in the air.

Doesn't like sleep. Hence-the reason for the flowers, tea, and hot cocoa. To bless my weary heart! (from Brett, sweet husband that he is). Anna Ruth fights sleep like there is no tomorrow...she'll fight it to the end-and then some. Problem is-she's then very grumpy during the day. I read in a book tonight that 5 month olds typically get 14 and a 1/2 hours of sleep a day......hmm-she gets maybe 11 or 12? Anyway, this too shall pass-I got advice from Jana on this today and her solution worked thus far.

Also, instead of nursing Anna at 7, then at 8 and having her fall asleep, tonight I just nursed her around 7:10, let her play for a minute, then Brett rocked her to sleep.

Fingers, toes, hair, crossed it sticks..and prayers!

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