Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Playtime and Projects

Christmas is coming! -Quick DIY project-wrap trees in ribbon!

A peek into playtime with Anna Ruth. She's such a busy, active girl! We do all kinds of things during the day-practice sitting up, sit in the bumbo, swing, look at the Christmas tree, stand up, play on tummy (not for long though-she always rolls to her back), etc.
This is our new stove!! We got it set up properly yesterday and a fire is going in it today. Anna and I have enjoyed hanging out in the study since we have a warm, toasty fire going. I've been channeling my "inner Jana" and keeping a fire going at home! Jana was always the chief fire starter and keeper-upper at home growing up. :)
We set up our Christmas tree in the great room over the weekend. It sure is different/nice/new feeling have a baby and a house this year!

Just a few of our Christmas decorations! I sure love decorating and DIY projects, but this year I did them rather quickly. Sometimes, deciding to be done with something is the best decision one can make, I believe! I wanted to make sure and enjoy the season-not stressing over decor too much. I told Brett I might have "Christmas in July" next year and try to make some fancy stockings and a tree skirt. :)
We went to the Lights on the Square for about five minutes last weekend. Too cold-didn't have the proper attire for Anna Ruth, and we needed her stroller. However, I think when we go back better prepared she'll love it! She was wide-eyed. :)

Helping mama decorate the tree :) (for the record-she's already grabbed one ornament and dropped it before I could get it out of her hands. And yes-it broke! :0 ) Curious, curious..

There are all kinds of neat things to explore at Christmas time! Anna Ruth sure is a lot of fun. Having a baby changes everything. :) I just love seeing Christmas time through her eyes!!

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steph said...

I love all your decor! Looks great. I love where you put your tree too. Looks so beautiful in your house. What a great Christmas you will have this year with your precious girl and your lovely home. And even a fire in your new stove! This is the life, isn't it??