Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Gobble, Gobble

We are working through some new sleeping patterns with Anna Ruth right now. One day this week she got to scratching on her mattress while I was trying to pat her to sleep. So I gave her this lovey to hold to help get her to sleep. It worked! I sat and did my nails while she drifted off...then took the lovey away. :)
I haven't blogged about this book yet-but Jana got me this for my birthday. I am a HUGE fan of Martha Stewart books. I'm not necessarily a huge fan of hers specifically-but her creative crew that put together all these fabulous ideas are awesome!

I've been getting DIY ideas for Christmas. I love a good project :)

We gave Anna Ruth cereal for the first time last night! (thanks Aunt Becca for the cereal!)

She wasn't a big fan of the spoon-basically just didn't know what to do with it.

But she took it right down in the bottle! I can't wait to give her "real food"-veggies and things. I think she'll love it!!

I made Anna Ruth a Thanksgiving onesie. I plan on making her a rolled flower barrette to go with it too-if I get the time.

I've been a bit "under the weather" since Saturday-sinus/throat stuff pretty bad. However-water, Advil Congestion relief, and most importantly prayer and the care of my hubby, is helping! I am slowly on the mend. :)

although I haven't mentioned it yet...........HUGE CONGRATULATIONS
to my friends the Hendersons, and their new baby Liv! :)


steph said...

I MUST get that book! Looks awesome. You won't believe this--actually you probably will--but I made Ing and Liv turkey onesies almost JUST like the one you made Anna Ruth! Can't wait to show you. Glad the comfort item helped Anna Ruth go to sleep. Ingrid is lost without her comfort items for bed. Loveya!

P.S. Love your nail polish.

SydneeB said...

THAT is a CA - UTE! Thanksgiving onesie!!! YAY Mama! Good job! =)