Friday, July 24, 2009

today has been a very good day. we slept in late, and went to a church where famous people are buried. we saw galileo, dante, and michelangelo 'stombs. brett says we also saw the father of accountings tomb, which he says sam will appreciate. next lunch, and laundromat where we quickly washed two loads of clothes. we laid them out in the room to dry, opened the windows, and walked to the accademia gallery where the famous david statue is. you are strictly forbidden to take pictures, but i disobeyed. i snapped two pics of david, and then a lady who works at the gallery saw me and scolded me in italian and glared at me too. however, it was worth the scold, because i got two neat pics of david. lol. we stopped at the supermarket to get some things for supper and are going to relax some at the hotel tonight. the only souvenir we've bought so far is a plastic wall hanging to put pics in for my classroom. i was proud of the fact i asked the lady in the store in italian where they were located because i saw one hanging in the store. she replied and i successfully found what she meant. i will also convince brett to take me for gelato later tonight. tomorrow we drive to the country so i'm not sure if i'll be able to update for a few days. we are excited to get in the pool at the place in tuscany. it is supposedly in the middle of a field. there is always swimming competitions on the tv here, apparently they are having some big competition in rome. after watching swimming, we are ready to go. something unexpected is our sunburns from walking every day. that is the only thing i didn't pack we have needed so far, but we bought some. oh, last though, jack cleared things up for me last night and told me what tripe is. yuck. lol. ciao for now.


McCraine Family said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! I'm loving hearing about your trip on the blog! We love you!

Becca said...

Happy Anniversary, and I love that every post includes "we ate gelato...." Can't wait to see the forbidden photos of David, you're lucky she didn't either make you erase them, or take your memory card :)

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