Wednesday, July 29, 2009

good morning. we arrived in venice yesterday...i could go on and on. it is my favorite place so is much more wonderful than you could imagine. everything is more beautiful than i pictured and life seems to move a bit slower here than in the other big cities. we walked around town yesterday and last night heard a real opera, inside a building we were walking past. we also walked past a piazza that was filled with tons of couples dancing, beautiful. our room is the best out of all the places we've stayed. it has wood beam ceilings, is big, and has a rooftop terrace. i have lots and lots and lots of pics to show from the trip. i'm not sure if we'll be on here again before we come home. we come home saturday night at seven thirty. we have had a wonderful time, and are bringing home tons of pics and good memories. this has been the trip of a lifetime.
however, there is truly no place like home. we look forward to coming home and seeing you all. caleb's hat sounds cute and i heard nathan learned to say poppa. miss you all. love you too.ciao for now.

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McCraine Family said...

Enjoy the rest of your vacation, and we're excited to see you soon! Love you!

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