Monday, July 27, 2009

hello again. we're still doing well, and headed to venice tomorrow. enjoying the country roads and life a lot. becca, i am definitely interested in the photobook deal you mentioned. we love and miss you all, be home saturday.


Becca said...

I've always thought Venice would be great to visit, but sure & take lots of pictures :) What time Saturday do you get back (morning or night?) Love you!

McCraine Family said...

So fun to talk to you the other day! :) I love my twin! Caleb has a new baseball hat that he is so cute! I'm excited for you to see it on him! Looking forward to seeing you guys soon! We love you!

McCraine Family said...

Ps. You got a package in the mail today (MY mailbox!) from Jennifer Cook! She sent me one too...I think she didn't know your address! I'm excited to give it to you! (and no, I didn't open it!) :) Love you!

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