Monday, July 20, 2009

ciao. ok, despite the cost, i'm on here again because i just can't stand not hearing from people at home. lol. we have walked and walked and walked and walked some more today' lots of walking. i am convinced i'm walking off all this good italian food, and then some. we went to trevi fountain, spanish steps, and another fountain we recognized from the movie angels and demons. we basically wandered a lot today too. i forgot the itinerary i typed up at home, which has actually been a nice blessing. i spent so much time preparing for the trip i remember the important details and it has been nice not to be on a schedule. we had gelato today, and breakfast at the hotel this morning-cheeses, bread, yogurt, fruit, coffee. my favorite refreshing treat so far is an iced cappucino from a sidewalk cafe. we have successfully been ordering and communicating. funny story'today brett was speaking italian at lunch to order and made it two or three sentences until the waitress spouted something off in italian and then he got this goofy, clueless look on his face-she said she thought he knew italian. funny. we have felt extremely safe and even walked around late last night. we are keeping our heads up, especially when crossing a busy street, communicating in english quietly, and acting as if we know what we're doing. it's working so far. we even managed the subway and train station today without any problems. we are taking lots of pictures and have set the timer a few times to get pics of us both. sorry this is so random-too many stories and experiences running through my head at once and this is getting too long. will write again soon, dear husband is at the grocery store getting stuff for a picnic in orange park tonight, which is where you can look out over the whole city of rome. colossuem tomorrow. love and miss you all-thank you for the comments.


Becca said...

I'm so glad everything is going great! I told you all your hard work would pay off! I can email you a copy of your itinerary (sp?) if you want me to, but it sounds like maybe you don't need it? Love you!

Becca said...

PS - Kyla has a bundle of curly ribbons (Momma, the ones off of the wagon) that she insists are a present for you, and wants me to mail to you :)

McCraine Family said...

I'm so glad you two are having so much fun!! I knew you would! Caleb and Seth say 'hi'!

RC57-75 said...

Brett and Sara,
Wow! What an experience so far!! Pardon me for saying so, but it sounds so romantic:) We do miss you all too but we're very glad you get this well deserved break. How is the weather there? You always picture things a certain way and I just wondered if it is hot. Thanks for the daily updates. It keeps us hillbillys conected.


Will said...

Thank you Thank you Thank you for the updates!!! We are so glad you are having a good trip. It DOES sound romantic. Almost "AN AMERICAN IN PARIS"-ish. It is actually raining here this morning! We love you guys, G&P

mountainlily said...

Hey y'all! Thanks for the updates. It's interesting to hear of your experiences. What a wonderful trip. i can see the places you describe in my imagination. Pretty weird huh? Much love and please have a wonderful time. Love you both!
Mom Torbett

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