Sunday, July 19, 2009

hello from italy. we made it just fine and had a good plane ride. neither of us could sleep very much, but we got a bit of rest. once we got here we had a full day, walking around the city, napping this afternoon, and then walking around rome again. so far we have used a bit of italian to communicate and have managed to order food twice. dinner tonight was delicious. i am logging all interesting events in my mini red notebook, which brett thinks is silly. however, i will have many great stories to tell because of it when we return. we ve also taken quite a few pictures. a funny story'we were standing in the passport line at fco'rome airport, and heard a rather loud couple next to us say they were from arkansas. no, we didnt jump in the loud conversation with them, but we thought it was funny. i dont know how to use the space bar or apostrophe on this computer so this is as good as it gets for tonight. the cost is 5 euro per hour for computer use at the hotel so i will probably wait until tuesday or wednesday to write again. we miss you all and love you. ciao p.s.'leave a comment or send an e'mail if you want...i would love to hear from you


Becca said...

Yay! Glad you made it there, hope you are having a fabulous time!! Love you! Becca
PS-Kyla loved her book, we read it twice tonight :)

RC57-75 said...

I told Danny and Martha Walker where you are. They went to Italy last year I think and want to go back!Hope you're having a great time!Love, Momma and Daddy

McCraine Family said...

I was so excited to see a blog post from you! I laughed out loud about the red notebook! I love the idea! :) Have lots of FUN! Love you!

Becca said...

Also, I can't wait to see the red notebook.....I always jot stuff down too, but usually not in one notebook, a great idea :) I sent you an email about the tea we talked about it you get a chance, if not I'll talk to you when you get back. Love you! Becca
PS - have lots of fun, I'm trying very hard not to be jealous :)

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