Saturday, June 7, 2008


We are now registered! Brett picked me up about 10:00 this morning and we went for a light breakfast, and then headed to Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Whew! We were there for quite a while, but feel like we did a good job registering. Brett was so kind all day and very was definitely a joint effort, not a stressful thing as many people suggested it might be.

We registered for cookware, bakeware, some small appliances, "gadgets" and such. We are also going to register for our comforter there.

We then moved on to lunch and Dillards. This took some patience! They don't let you scan the items have to have a store clerk scan everything for you. So while Brett and I were having conversation about what we liked/didn't like there was someone standing there the whole time. It ended up working out just fine though. We registered for some very, very nice things at Dillards (china, every day dishes, serving pieces, and a slow cooker)
Our last stop was Target....we got a few decorative items there, as well as towels, bath math, and shower curtain (and maybe a few things for the kitchen? Can't remember)
Anyway, we both felt like we did a pretty good job...... we hope! :)

The picture at the top is our every day dishes...they are a cream/off white color and look like antiques..The picture below this is an example of the serving pieces we registered for at Dillards.

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Becca said...

Love the everyday dishes! Glad it went well! Love you, Becca

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