Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Good mornin'! :)

Well, things are certainly movin' right along for the wedding! I met with a lady at the Town Center this morning to go over the room arrangement/layout. They will have the tables, chairs, etc. ready and waiting for us the morning of the 25th. I think this will be such a big help!

It was very exciting to get this done because now we can rent an arch and a few other things for the ceremony ( I don't want to give too much away ). I think we're going to have such a big, yet simple celebration. Brett and I both absolutely cannot wait. We are so excited!! :)

In other news, my twin sister Jana is expecting baby Caleb any day now! My mind has been on that a lot the past few days. I am so excited to meet the little guy....and to be an aunt to three kids-what an honor!

My heart has been very thankful lately for family (new and old) that has been so helpful and just willing to do whatever Brett and I need for the wedding. A BIG thank-you!

talk to ya'll soon!

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