Friday, June 13, 2008

180 wedding invitations are signed, sealed, and will be delivered tomorrow! (mailed tomorrow) :)

I'm excited!

Momma and I got a lot done for the wedding feels so nice to be checking things off the "to do" list.

I found a version of the Wedding March online tonight that is just absolutely beautiful. Is it wrong to post it on here? Hmmm....I don't know these "rules"! I think I shall wait and make you all listen to it at the wedding. :) Six weeks from today!

I don't think I had mentioned this information yet, but my bridesmaids will be my sisters, Jana and Becca, both sharing the role(s) of matron of honor. I will also have Abby and Sally Dorman, and Lillie Eaton standing right by me.. What a blessed girl I will be! It is such a joy to have my dearest friends standing right by me on such a big day.

I hope ya'll are ready for some pie because thats what we're eating at the reception! I am a huge dessert fan......but not especially a wedding cake fan. So we're going to have homemade cakes and pies. (my mouth is watering just thinking about it....think I'll be able to calm down enough to eat any that day? Nah...I didn't think so either :) )

Sorry for the random post......I have convinced myself I've kept everyone up to date on details and major things, but silly me, I haven't! Forgot to tell one of the bridesmaids the date was officially changed. Oh dear.... :)
'till next time,

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