Wednesday, June 11, 2008

So much has been happening the past few days, as far as wedding preparation! I have been working on invitations, and will have them ready to mail by Saturday......which is either right on time, or maybe even a few days late. Brett and I realized tonight we get married six weeks from Friday! If the next few weeks are anything like the past few, it will fly on by!

We have been so blessed to be able to move the wedding date up, because we will now have four days afterwards to relax at Big Cedar Lodge. We are extremely excited about this time of rest and fun!

Several people have asked where we will be living afterwards......and the answer to that is my condo. It will become "our condo"......and we're not sure how long we'll be living there.

If you've tried to look at our registry, you may have had trouble if you typed in "Brett Torbett", because he registered as "William Torbett". I believe he got that changed online tonight though. So you can try Sara Capper, Brett Torbett, or William Torbett.

Sure do appreciate everyone's offers to soon as I get these invitations in the mail I'll know a little more specifically what I need help with and I'll let ya know! :)

the future "Mrs. Torbett" #2 :)

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