Sunday, December 11, 2011

This is so much fun

This weekend was made up of the stuff that really matters:

Seeing old friends, and meeting new ones :) (and missing them all, already),

delicious food, but even better company,

eyes wide with wonder,

a show like none other (especially seen through Anna's eyes),

special moments with Dad,

getting dressed up for Daddy's office party,

God's breath-taking creation,

time with my dear husband,

watching Brett love on Anna Ruth,

visiting beautiful places,

and talking galore.

Brett and I think being parents is the most fun thing. We spent some time in Branson this weekend-and due to Anna's early wakeup times (after doing AWESOME in her pack and play) we beat the crowds to breakfast and shopping. We win! :)

1 comment:

steph said...

oh my word. that video is the sweetest thing ever. i love her little voice. so precious. i had so much fun seeing you and your family! come backkkk