Saturday, December 17, 2011

Happy Half!!

 Today is Anna Ruth's half-birthday! She is a big six months old today and shares this special day with her Daddy, who turns 29. Life with Anna Ruth is so much fun. I never knew or dreamed that babies this age do so much! Anna Ruth is so curious and has her regular things she enjoys, like her plastic link toys, jumparoo (her FAVORITE-thanks Granna and Poppa!), and being outside. Lately I've been trying to think of new things to do with her to keep her interest. Bubbles are a new fascination!

 This picture is a very real view of what Anna is like during the day! Very, very active and busy. :) :) and happy too.
 Sometimes Anna Ruth sits in her highchair so I can cook dinner. She occasionally gets tired and leans over to chew on her tray and rest her head for a minute. :) Watching Mama is hard work!
 Anna loves to eat! She has had carrots, sweet potatoes, peas, avocados, apples, pears, and prunes. And one teeny tiny black-eyed pea. :) She is the most still when she's eating. She doesn't even hold her arms out or move her hands like she does on a normal basis. She just sits opening her mouth like a baby bird!

 I bought Anna Ruth a slinky at Target this week. What fun!!

 She also got to play with some water and a plastic bowl on her highchair tray.
Anna Ruth started getting her first tooth last Monday!
               Anna Ruth loves: music and mama dancing, being outside, food, waving her arms up and down, standing, talking, squealing, and most of all smiling. She is such a big smiler! She will fight sleep 'till the very end but is slowly getting better. She's overcome her dislike of her carseat (praise Jesus!) and has gone in the church nursery several times.
              Anna loves to scratch at things and puts everything in her mouth, as all babies at this age do. She can sit on her own, but won't a lot of times. She loves looking at herself in her mirror, and almost always flips to her back after playing on her tummy a while. She enjoys books and "talking" to her Dada on the phone on speakerphone.
              Anna isn't a fan of getting dressed-at all. She almost always fusses to let me know her true feelings about getting her shirt put on! :) She is such a happy baby. She has her fussy moments...but they aren't that much. She likes to be cuddled and held occasionally. She always rubs her hand on my neck and chin to soothe well as suck on her index and middle fingers.
           She enjoys her bath and water! She likes things with different textures and sounds..she also takes a bottle from her Daddy each night before bed. Sometimes he plays his guitar for her and she "sings" along. Peekaboo is a favorite...and lately she's started rubbing her face in your shirt and grinning...then peeking at the person looking at her.
    She is the most wonderful girl I could have ever imagined. :)

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steph said...

Your girl is getting so big and doing so much!! Loved all the pics!!!