Sunday, April 10, 2011

Farm livin' is the life for me :)

We've been spending more time on the farm lately...and have around 70 total cows now! We are trying to go out and "watch"/observe the cattle once a week at least to keep good records on them....meaning, which are healthy, which aren't; Which have babies, which don't, etc. Cows are fun to watch :) We had a great Connect Group after church again today and got to play outside! These are the two twin boys at Connect group...cute, cute :)

Okay...I may be a little biased, but isn't she adorable? Lainey enjoyed play time in the swing, courtesy of Uncle Brett.. (Can you tell who's excited to have their own little girl?)

Saturday evening we went to stay at the old house at the farm. relaxing. We grilled and sat on the porch and really enjoyed ourselves. We are so excited to live in the country soon! (possible move-in date this Friday...prayers please!)

Janice has baby chicks! We plan on having our own chickens someday as well....and when it's suppertime I'll just have one of the kids fetch one for me to kill. haha :) Just kidding....that is SO a joke Brett and I have. I don't think we'll ever get THAT country.

We are enjoying all the pretty things in bloom the last couple of weeks. I'm glad God is colorful...He could have stuck with black and white.
New calf with it's momma.
This is what our evenings look like...playtime with Semper, Jack's dog.

*I counted my weeks wrong, and am actually 31 weeks pregnant, not 30. 9 more to go! We went to a class yesterday for Anna Ruth and feel empowered with our bit of knowledge. :)


steph said...

Life on the farm sounds fun! Love the pic of the baby calf with her mama. And the tiny chick is too cute. Tons of prayers going your way for moving in Friday!!! Glad you had a good class session. Talk with you soon.

McCraine Family said...

I love this post! (and not just b/c of the sweet pictures of Lainey girl!) You take really good pictures...I think a lot of them would be good framers, instead of 'art'! :) LOVE YOU!